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"Studying the Tier System with Coach Kenn and his staff forced me to analyze, study and rethink my program.  The organization of the annual plan, the quadrennial plan, and the order and placement of exercises can be used for all sports and levels, middle school to professional.  No matter your background, the driving concepts behind the Tier System can be incorporated into ANY program, and in the end you will be a better coach!"


Eric Cash

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Eastern Illinois University

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 Performance Week Off the Script Sets



As we continue to develop our systemized programming, it is important to note that sometimes you need to go "OTS".  OTS is short for "OFF THE SCRIPT", whether it be during a training cycle or switching up a training session, going OTS is a great way to shock the body and give the athlete a chance to set personal bests numerous times during the developmental stage of an annual plan.


When it comes to training cycles, BHP is a proponent of using Prilepin's Chart as the primary set and rep schemes for our foundation movements.  We have manipulated volumes based on the athlete's level of training into 4 blocks.  We also base our training cycle on a 4 week Performance Cycle.  This cycle is based on the model described to us in 2002 during our weekend USAWL Sport Performance certification weekend held in Tempe, AZ.


We breakdown a 4 week performance cycle as follows;

Week B = Base Week

Week L = Load Week

Week DR = Deload to Reload

Week P = Performance

For this particular article we are specifically going to talk about implementing OTS sets during performance weeks.


When the athlete enters the performance week, there are 2 options to choose from.  There is the standard training cycle for the day or the OTS cycle for performance records.  During an athlete's early years in the program, the coach will decide whether the athlete is prepared to go off the script.  As the athlete becomes educated in training methods and learns more about rest, recovery, nutrition, and auto regulation, the athlete chooses whether they will go off the script.


The OTS sets are manipulated from the base performance week cycle with incremental jumps until the athlete reaches failure or sets an new repetition maximum.  Generally, the athlete will perform the same rep scheme of the base cycle for every OTS set.  There are times after numerous sets, we all say GO TIME FOO! and shoot for a maximum single.


Here is a sample of an Performance Week cycle with an OTS option.

Week P

Pre Set 1 x5-8

Pre Set 2 x3-5

Pre Set 3 x2-3

Pre Set 4 x1-2


Prilepin High Volume

Work Set 1 85%x2

Work Set 2 85%x2

Work Set 3 85%x2

Work Set 4 85%x2

Work Set 5 85%x2

Work Set 6 85%x2

Work Set 7 85%x2

Work Set 8 85%x2

Work Set 9 85%x2

Work Set 10 85%x2


OTS Sets - athlete completes the first 5 sets at designated percentage

Work Set 6 88%x2

Work Set 7 91%x2

Work Set 8 94%x2

Work Set 9 97%x2

Work Set 10 100%x2


The athlete may not complete all work sets during an OTS ascending progression, but the athlete continues until he reaches repetition failure of technical efficiency breaks down.


Rest time is constant for each set.


This is a tremendous way to increase volume, test mental fortitude under stress (confidence), building maximum strength under fatigue which is how most anaerobic strength-power sports are performed, as well as just flat out COMPETING!


We have had tremendous success with performance week OTS sets. It is riDONKulous.  We are working extremely hard on updating our training cycle model.  We are excited with what we have accomplished so far and look forward to sharing in the future.  We wanted to give you a taste so you know we are not sitting back on past success.  We are working hard to continue to be a viable education source for coaches of all levels.



The BHP Staff


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